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The Case for Ticket Inter-changeability

In this example I use Rochdale and Manchester but it will apply equally to passengers between Ashton and Manchester, possibly Eccles, Didsbury and Altrincham/Navigation Road as well. If a person goes from Rochdale to Manchester by train with a return ticket and finds that their intended return train is so full they cannot get on and the next train (on Sundays) is not for an hour and there's no guarantee they will be able to get on the next train, they will naturally feel it is a better idea to catch the next Metrolink. Surely they ought not to have to pay for a further ticket. Similarly if the person misses the last Sunday train (at the early hour of 2208) they will use the next Metrolink service. Should they be forced to pay for a Metrolink ticket. If there is an interruption to rail services from Rochdale to Manchester (maybe cable theft) and the holder of a rail season ticket cannot get a train to get to work on time, should not they be able to use their season ticket on Metrolink. Similarly the Metrolink system is not immune to disruption, should not a Metrolink ticket holder be able to use the train without further payment? Transport for Greater Manchester will naturally appreciate that something needs to be done but whether Northernrail and Metrolink will be prepared to play ball remains to be seen. Richard S Greenwood. STORM Chairman

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